Akyat Bundok Series: UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Mt. Kalisungan, the revengeance


Meeting place: KFC Buendia-Taft, 4 AM, April 21

Bus leaves 4:30 AM, ETA Duck Junction 6:30 AM, Trike to Jumpoff ETA 6:45 AM, Start trek 7:00 AM

Costs: Bus P250 (roundtrip), bring extra for guides, food and drinks after the trek, Bath after the trek P20

Bring: Food, water, trail food,

Email thequestboard@gmail.com if you wish to join.

Akyat Bundok Series: Manabu Peak Part II


Meeting place: KFC Buendia-Taft, 4 AM, April 9

Bus leaves at 4:30 AM, ETA Fiesta World Mall 6:30, Trike to Jumpoff, ETA Jumpoff 6:45, start trek

Costs: Bus P250 (roundtrip), Registration P20, Bring extra $$ for other expenses: food prepped by locals available 5 mins from station 3 of the trek, they serve cassava and suman.  Coffee which they grow, dry, roast, grind on brew on their own is free, Bath after the trek is P15 at the jumpoff

Bring: Water, food

Tree cover is good throughout the trail.

Email thequestboard@gmail.com if you wanna join.


cross at the summit of Manabu Peak


panoramic view from the summit of Manabu Peak

Akyat Bundok Series: Mt. Batulao Part III


Meeting place: Mcdonald’s EDSA-Taft under the Northbound side of MRT3, March 28, 4 AM

Bus leaves 4:30, ETA at Evercrest Junction 6:30, trek starts at 7 AM.

Costs: Commute P220 BUS (roundtrip), P30-P40 Trike to Jumpoff, Bring extra for buko, guides, coffee, food after the trek, Mountain Dew, Souvenirs

Bring: Water, Food, Trail Food, Sun sleeves, Sunblock lotion, water,

Warning: Trail features “left-right-you’re-dead” segments.  Still fun though.

Email thequestboard@gmail.com if you want to join.


view of Mt. Batulao from the jumpoff point

Akyat Bundok Series: Mt. Maculot Part II


Meeting place: KFC Buendia-Taft, March 24, 3:30 AM.

Bus leaves 4:00 AM, we arrive in Lipa around 5:30-6, Jeep to Cuenca, We start the quest around 6:45-7 AM.

Target: Rockies-Summit

Costs: Commute: P250 (roundtrip), P10 registration, bring extra for other expenses (guides, buko juice, supplies from 711, coffee after the climb, etc.).

Stuff to bring: Water, lots of it. Food.  Trail food.

UPDATE: Weather on March 24, 60% chance of rain. Could change. Will call it by Friday.

Text 09178010384 if you want to join the group or leave a comment below with your name and number


view of Taal Lake from the Rockies of Mt. Maculot